these is the CERA we did

School was always different for migrant workers kids. Claudia moved up to two times a year there was also a law that stated that “State law mandates that families move at least 50 miles away when the camps close for the winter. Also must migrant workers kids have a risk of dropping out. And so many kids like Claudia think that “they see themselves as visitors on the campus,”also the said “I come from a labor camp next to a dump site. I don’t belong, and I’m leaving soon,” this is what they thought about school. Claudia does the same thing well most of the kid in the class shot there hands up and call out the answer but Claudia said “ I just listen, I write it down, but I don’t raise my hand because I have no idea what idea what they’re asking about I just sit there.”
This is something that still continues today this would be difficult for many people like Claudia.